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General Pest Control
General Pest Control INR 750 INR 750 1. DISINFESTATION TREATMENT Pest covered: Ants, Cockroach, Silverfish, Flies,Ticks, Crickets, etc. Control Measures Intensive / extensive spray with oil / water based chemicals. Toilet, Sewer, gutter entire area etc. to be treated with specially formulated chemicals. The treatment will cover crawling insects, flying insects like files will be covered. 2. GEL APPLICATION Gel application is done in kitchen and cafeteria for cockroach control. 3. RODENT CONTROL Pest covered: Domestic / Field Rodents control measures: Baiting with anti-coagulant Rodenticide / Asphyxiant type chemicals True 1456570281
Bed Bugs
Bed Bugs INR 850 INR 850 What are bed bugs? Bed bugs (Cimex lectularius) are small, flat, parasitic insects that feed solely on the blood of people and animals while they sleep. Bed bugs are reddish-brown in color, wingless, range from 1mm to 7mm (roughly the size of Lincoln’s head on a penny), and can live several months without a blood meal. What health risks do bed bugs pose? A bed bug bite affects each person differently. Bite responses can range from an absence of any physical signs of the bite, to a small bite mark, to a serious allergic reaction. Bed bugs are not considered to be dangerous; however, an allergic reaction to several bites may need medical attention. What are the signs and symptoms of a bed bug infestation? One of the easiest ways to identify a bed bug infestation is by the tell-tale bite marks on the face, neck, arms, hands, or any other body parts while sleeping. However, these bite marks may take as long as 14 days to develop in some people so it is important to look for other clues when determining if bed bugs have infested an area. These signs include: • the bed bugs’ exoskeletons after molting, • bed bugs in the fold of mattresses and sheets, • rusty–colored blood spots due to their blood-filled fecal material that they excrete on the mattress or nearby furniture, and • a sweet musty odor. How are bed bugs treated and prevented:- Bed bug bites usually do not pose a serious medical threat. The best way to treat a bite is to avoid scratching the area and apply antiseptic creams or lotions and take an antihistamine. Bed bug infestations are commonly treated by insecticide spraying. If you suspect that you have an infestation, contact a professional pest control company that is experienced with treating bed bugs. The best way to prevent bed bugs is regular inspection for the signs of an infestation. call us at 9999-444-155 and we can explain the treatment options True 1456571382
Termite Treatment by Piping Method( Guarantee more the 50 years)
Termite Treatment by Piping Method( Guarantee more the 50 years) INR 0 INR 0 REVOLUTION IN TERMITE PROTECTION TREATMENT BY NEW ERA PROCEDURE Termite Control through Piping Concept- This Piping System is a new concept in the area of pest control treatment for control of termites, successfully developed by us and a very cost effective infrastructure installation for the first time in India, for the permanent Solution of termites. Piping system is a very cost – effective method for anti – termite treatment. This is a latest technology and can be installed before the flooring. We hereby introduce ourselves as pioneer in anti-termite treatment with a unique method of laying 16 mm Porous Pipe network which is incorporated at Pre-construction or renovation stage. This Pipe is laid in a unique network of loop format that covers not only the perimeter but also the center of the floor, thus giving a better protection. As we are injecting chemical through this network it reaches at all key entry points of termite and creates a uniform barrier. This Porous Pipe is made out of recycled rubber giving it unique flexibility and no crimping (Curl tightly). Scope of Work 1. Inner Periphery Pipe Installation 2. Creating Refilling Points 3. One time chemical filling ADVANTAGES OF POROUS PIPING TREATMENT 1. No Drilling of holes in floor to inject termite chemical is required. 2. Tedious work of removing the furniture in the area is not required. 3. No pungent smell of the termite chemical is released in the premises. 4. No exposure of insecticides to occupants of the building. 5. Unlike conventional termite injection method there is even distribution of the chemical under 6. No Stains discoloring or marks on the costly floors. 7. This Pipe does not choke or clog since it is designed for sub surface application. 8. It can stand high pressure. 9. It is flexible and does not break. 10. It has a functional life of 50+ years. (Architects & Builders should be contact us for details & bulk treatment) True 1456572228
Mosquito Control
Mosquito Control INR 1500 INR 1500 Different mosquitoes breed in different habitats and it is important to identify the problem species correctly and to confirm its breeding sites. Once located, these breeding sites can be treated with Larvicide. Mosquitoes breed in water. This consists of permanent water bodies such as swamps, drains or temporary sources such as rain water collections, puddles at construction sites, etc. Mosquito control can most easily be achieved by destroying mosquito larvae at their aquatic breeding source because a large number of larvae can be easily targeted. Besides, they are confined to a limited area and are more vulnerable than their adult counterparts. Moreover, a larviciding operation can be programmed and executed more easily and the emergence of adult mosquitoes can be prevented. By killing a larva, one kills the future generation of that mosquito. Recommendation  An Ideal Larvicide is extensively used for mosquito control operation by National Anti-Malaria Programme (NAMP), army, navy and local municipal bodies.  Evaluated by the World Health Organisation's Pesticide Evaluation Scheme for mosquito larva control Special Features  An Ideal Larvicide is effective in breeding places even where organic pollution is high.  An Ideal Larvicide kills mosquito larvae at an extremely low concentration of 0.1 ppm.  An Ideal Larvicide has a relatively moderate toxicity for human beings and other mammals.  At the concentration required for controlling mosquito larvae, An Ideal Larvicide is harmless to fish.  An Ideal Larvicide offers excellent control of all mosquito larvae species.  A weekly spray of An Ideal Larvicide at recommended dosage keeps mosquito larval density low. How can protect from risk of Mosquito Bites???  Use landscaping to eliminate standing water that collects on your property  Clean vegetation and debris from edges of ponds.  Clean clogged roof gutters and make sure they drain properly.  Dispose of used containers, which are a significant mosquito-breeding site.  Use effective Insecticides sprays inside and outsides.  Clean and chlorinate swimming pools, outdoor saunas, hot tubs and other water features, such as fountains and garden ponds. Fogging Services:- Mosquito control is an important strategy for interrupting transmission especially in areas where the disease burden is high. The reduction in the densities of mosquito vector can be achieved through several methods that include indoor residual insecticide spraying, use of insecticide treated nets, fogging, use of larvivorous fish and environmental methods. True 1457073992
Termite Treatment Process
Termite Treatment Process INR 3500 INR 3490 Termites are incredible, small insects that have mastered cooperation allowing them to achieve great things, such as building skyscrapers, hollowing huge trees, moving vast amounts of soil and of course, eating your house. Termites are not ants. Most people are comfortable that they know what an ant is, but hardly anyone seems sure they know what makes a termite a termite. Again, because it is worth repeating, termites are not ants and they are certainly not white ants. That's a really sloppy term, please don't use it. Termites are close relatives of the cockroaches, and so are very different to ants. Just like the huge variations you seen in the ants, the termites are similarly diverse with lots of different life styles. The different types of do very different things and from the perspective of controlling termites, it is important to find out what type of termite you have as this affects what you should do. True 1455956627
Pest Control
Pest Control INR 0 INR 0 We provide with pest control services and beds bug services. True 1484302530
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